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Bulls will be delivered free of charge following the sale or a $100.00 discount per bull if you haul sale day. Females delivered at cost.

All bulls are sold as guaranteed breeders. If death or injury is sustained to purchased bull, credit will be given on bulls costing $3,000 or more. All death or injury claims must be veterinarian certified. Any deviations from the above statement will be worked out between buyer and Weller Ranch. All two-year-olds will be semen tested by sale day. Two -year-old weights listed in the catalog are actuals, not adjusted.

Inquire about help with marketing feeder calves with Weller genetics. Contact Bill at  (605)  209-8556.

Additional Insurance will be available sale day with Martin-Trudeau Insurance. For more information contact: Ray Trudeau (605) 770-5170

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